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To  increase food production among beginning and socially disadvantaged  groups---this long-term business strategic planning promises rise to  deliverance of deprived rural economies and strong impact of community  revitalization by delivering a viable regional farmers market. Liberty  Heights Community Center, (LHCC), currently assists farmers/fishermen in  South Louisiana Parishes complete a plan toward the improvement of food  production in our rural communities and implement a best practices  approach to developing long-term solutions that will ensure food  security in our rural areas. In 2010, LHCC  excited about the proposal  of a food co-op, established an idea that came from listening to the  collective voice of our beginning farmers, new military veteran farmers,  and seasoned farmers & producers. The primary purpose of Giving  Grace Fishermen/Farmers & Trade (GGFFT) Market is to develop a  sustainable agricultural model that can be used in a wide variety of  contexts with Vendors ranging from food production, goods and services  for low-income Louisiana residents to national and global commercial  markets.

LHCC Giving Grace Food Pantries (  established in 2003 in Dallas County, TX), grew out of an overwhelming  response of our emergency food and disaster recipients.  In 2010,   Giving Grace re-located its emergency food & disaster center in  Upper St. Martin, Lower St. Martin and Jefferson Davis parishes. Many of  the recipients were past farmers, producers, and fishermen who became  dislocated workers due to natural disaster of Katrina in 2005 and Gulf  Oil Spill in 2010 who never quite became fully independent of government  subsidies and assistance. LHCC became one of the only funded Public  & Private Partnerships that is a community-based grassroot entity  responsible for small farmer/producer and fishermen sustainable food  markets. Harvesting of specialty crop will be the forerunner to  generating income for low income families and diverse access to  nutritious whole fruits and vegetables; promising rise to deliverance of  deprived rural economy and strong impact of community revitalization.  LHCC assisted ag-producers, fishermen, including laid off an affected  oil industry workers in South Louisiana Parishes receive subsistence  during the Gulf Oil Spill.

By linking food production and  processing sectors to community development, economic opportunity, and  energy production, we anticipate solutions which focus on developing a  food security system of operation designed to cancel hunger and improve  economic development globally.

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Liberty  Heights Community Center, Nonprofit operates in accordance with the U.S  Dept.of Agriculture policies, which prohibits discrimination on the  basis of race, color, sex, age, disability, religion, political belief,  or national origin. Liberty Heights Community Center, Nonprofit  funciones en acuerdo con la poliza del Departmento de Agricultura de  losEstados Unidos , que prohibe discriminacion a raiz de raza, color,  sexo, edad, incapacidad, religion, creenica politica, u origen nacional..